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There Is No Magical Quick-Fix For Herpes
Free Herpes Simplex Articles and Tips by Christopher Ricardo Scipio

Going Deep.

Most of the true treasures of this world lay in the depths of things.
If you were to content yourself with superficial things-think of what you'd be missing.
If you only swam on the surface of the water you'd miss the wonders below. If you only ate the skin of fruits and vegetables you'd be in a sorry state. If all you ever read of a book was it's first few pages, or if all you ever wanted to see in a film were the trailer, well you'd certainly be missing the big picture.

There are no quick fixes for herpes.
The virus lives deep within you in the core of your nerves cells. It has access to all the thoughts and feelings that course through your body. When you are in equilibrium the virus is likely dormant-when you are out of balance, angry, scared, anxious, ashamed the virus is likely going to be active.

To truly manage your herpes in a holistic way you have to take a deep personal inventory. What are your triggers? Are you at peace with the virus' permanent presence in your body? Have you been successful in rejecting the superficial and mean-spirited stigma placed on people with herpes and regained all the self-esteem and confidence you lost when you found out you had herpes? Are you living a life of integrity by informing your potential lovers beforehand of your herpes status and doing your best to manage your herpes so that your are less likely to infect others? What are you willing to start doing to manage your herpes better? What are you willing to stop doing to manage your herpes better? Are you fixated on the negative aspects of having herpes or are you looking at the brighter side of things?

Once a unflinching personal inventory is taken it's possible to see the whole picture of having herpes. There are no completely negative or completely positive experiences in life. Herpes doesn't have to be a completely negative experience. There are positive aspects to having herpes.

Herpes can act like a barometer which sends you an warning when you have become too far out of balance.

Having herpes can be like a litmus test to show you who really cares about you. If after telling someone you have herpes they are less interested in pursuing a romantic and sexual relationship with you they didn't care enough about you to begin with. If after telling someone who is a friend or family member that you have herpes and you feel their lack of support-then you more clearly see where you stood with them all along.

Having herpes challenges your personal integrity. It challenges you to tell an uncomfortable truth to lovers for their own protection and challenges you to take measures to protect the health of others.

If you have never experienced what it is like to be scorned or being prejudiced against because of something out of your control, herpes helps you experience that reality so that you can sympathize better with other discriminated against people in our society.

Having herpes is a cold slap of humility in our all too arrogant existence as human beings on this planet. We have been taught by some of our religions and philosophies that we are the dominant force on the planet when in reality microbes have always been dominant and continue to be dominant. As I have said in other writing we are a sideshow-most of the real action in this world happens on a microscopic level. We are a home to hundreds if not thousands of viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. We could not digest food without the hundreds of bacteria in our mouths and intestines. We are colonized by microbes. Most are beneficial or neutral some are harmful. Maybe with more humility we would be less likely to abuse the plants, animals and environment around us and see the bigger picture.

Staying in healthy balance with your own thoughts and emotions including making peace with the herpes virus is the most important step in managing herpes in a healthy holistic way. Herbal medicine, drug therapy, supplements, yoga, hypnosis, etc can all help, but going deep within and creating peace and harmony in your life is the key.

Christopher Scipio
Homeopath/ Herbalist
Holistic Herpes Treatment Specialist

About the Author: Christopher Scipio, is one of the most experienced holistic practitioners treating the Herpes virus. A homeopath and herbalist who hails from a long line of Caribbean natural healers, Scipio has during the last 15 years developed a very successful natural protocol in treating the Herpes family of viruses. http://www.natropractica.com

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Herpes Definitions, Terms and Acronyms:
  • Herpes myths - general myths include that it is fatal, it only affects genital area, condoms are 100% effective in preventing it, it can make you sterile, you only get it from someone with symptoms, only promiscuous people get it, and so on.
  • Outbreak - an occurrence or activation of the herpes virus (or any other illness, often applies to many people contracting an illness simultaneously).
  • Condom failure rate - condoms currently work successfully 97% of the time when used properly and consistently.
  • Condom - a prophylactic device, usually latex, used during sexual intercourse to reduce the risk of pregnancy and / or sexually transmitted diseases (STD) such as herpes.
  • Prescription antiviral medications for controlling herpes outbreaks - include aciclovir (Zovirax), valaciclovir (Valtrex), famciclovir (Famvir), and penciclovir.


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