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  • Looking For A Herpes Cure

    At the time of this writing there is no cure for herpes. Some physicians insist that patients infected with herpes who get treatment with 3-7 days can defeat the virus and be outbreak-free for their whole lives. It is rare for herpes infected persons to


  • A New Holistic Treatment Protocol For Herpes And Cold Sores

    Part One:

    800,000 people or more will contract Genital and Oral Herpes (Herpes 1 and 2) this year in North America alone. It's estimated that 60% of the population has Herpes. A majority of the people with the disease are unaware that they


  • There Is No Magical Quick-Fix For Herpes

    Going Deep.

    Most of the true treasures of this world lay in the depths of things.
    If you were to content yourself with superficial things-think of what you'd be missing.
    If you only swam on the surface of the water you'd miss the


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Herpes Definitions, Terms and Acronyms:
  • Herpes zoster (shingles) - the reactivation of varicella zoster virus, leading to a rash of painful blisters over an area of skin.
  • Herpes - any of several viral diseases causing the eruption of small blisterlike vesicles on the skin or mucous membranes, especially herpes simplex or herpes zoster.
  • Oral herpes symptoms - most visible when clusters of fluid-filled blisters or cold sores appear in the infected region.
  • Cold sores - common name for Herpes simplex virus infection blister on the face, lips or mouth.
  • Docosanol (Abreva) - another herpes treatment that may be effective.


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